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Take a journey through some of America's most beloved national treasures.
"The Magic Light of the Colorado Plateau" reveals hidden wonders, grand vistas, snow-covered mountains, and the grand splendor of the seasons in this magical land.

Award - winning photographer David Pettit teams with three-time Grammy nominated composer David Arkenstone to create an exceptional viewing experience.



David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the best contemporary-instrumental musicians of our time.  By combining the musical styles of classical, world, classic rock, and new age, he creates distinctive tracks that have yielded him 3 Grammy Award nominations, 24 solo recordings and millions of records sold.

Of his collaboration with David Pettit, Arkenstone says, “I very much enjoyed creating music inspired by David Pettit’s images.  The landscapes unfolded before me, and I just created my sound paintings while getting lost in the evocative imagery.  I think the result is something powerful that could only come from collaboration.”

David Arkenstone can be reached at



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