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Metal Prints

In addition to traditional photographic prints, framed or face-mounted, I have added metal prints to my repertoire, and I’m very pleased and excited by the recent technology that has opened a beautiful new option for photographic prints.
Dye sublimation offers exceptional color brilliance, as well as extending
the print’s lifetime and durability.

Living Area with "View From Gooseberry Mesa"

Dye sublimation is the process of using high-quality inks to transfer a digital image to an aluminum surface by applying the perfect combination of heat, time, and pressure. In sublimation printing special dyes are applied to sheets of transfer paper using liquid gel ink. Next, the transfer sheet is applied to an aluminum photo panel substrate and placed in a heat press. The heat and pressure infuse the dyes in the image to the metal surface.
Because the image is applied at the molecular level, as opposed to the surface of the material, the result is an image with high resistance to surface abrasion, high humidity, atmospheric ozone, and contact with water. Not all metal prints are equal, however; that is why we use only the highest-quality materials. Tests by the world’s leading independent print permanence testing laboratory, WIR, indicate a Display Permanence Rating of 65 years when properly displayed.

Two finishes are available: matte and glossy, and all are available in sizes up to 48”X 96”, the prints can be safely displayed without the need for framing under glass or acrylic, face-mounting, or surface laminating.

David Pettit at the Grand Canyon

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